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Converting A Bedroom to A Bathroom

Thinking of converting your spare bedroom into another bathroom? Read our in-depth guide to learn how to get it right.

Example of a bedroom that has been converted into a bathroom

Adding extra bathroom facilities on the ground floor can really help to enhance the mobility of a house for elderly or disabled family members. What’s more, it can also be a fantastic way to boost the value of your home, especially if you only had one bathroom to begin with.


 Bathroom Conversion Components

When designing your new bathroom, you will need to make decisions on a number of components, including:

  • walls
  • floors
  • plumbing
  • shower
  • toilet
  • sink
  • accessibility features
  • bathtub
  • ventilation
  • mirrors
  • counters
  • cabinets & lighting

 Does the Room Have Access to Plumbing? 

Get in touch with several plumbers to get some quotes early on in the planning process so you can set your budget accordingly. One thing to be mindful of is that the location of the room can significantly affect the plumbing costs. If the room is too far away from the existing water and sewer pipes, plumbing costs can add up quickly due to the extra work required to connect the piping. Another thing to be aware of is that costs can escalate if there isn’t enough space under the floor for the new pipes.

 The Privacy Consideration 

In many cases, bedrooms are not designed to have the same level of privacy as a bathroom. If the room is not going to be overlooked, then this shouldn’t be an issue. Otherwise, you will need to figure out what elements you will need to add or change in order to increase the privacy of your new bathroom. For example, you may need to factor the costs of window treatments into your budget.


Ventilation is essential for a bathroom, and a well-ventilated room will help to prevent problems such as damp and mould. If the room in question has enough natural ventilation, then you won’t need to install a ventilation system.

 Floor Coverings 

You may need to invest in a new floor covering depending on the suitability of the existing floor. For example, if the room has a solid wood floor than you can simply be stained with a waterproof finish. However, a carpeted floor covering will need to be removed as it unhygienic, retains water and is susceptible to mould. Safety is paramount so be sure to check that they are waterproof and slip-resistant.

The best floor coverings for disabled bathrooms:

  • Tiles are always a popular choice as they are water resistant and are easy to maintain. If you are opting for tiles, ensure that they are anti-slip and have a minimum R9 Rating.
  • Vinyl floors are waterproof, reasonably-priced, and easy to install. It is also a comfortable choice as it feels much warmer underfoot than tile flooring. In terms of safety and accessibility, vinyl bathroom floors have non-slip qualities and are very wheelchair-friendly.

Waterproofing the Walls & Floor 

Failing to waterproof your walls could lead to serious problems with mould, leaks, water damage, and more. For wet rooms, it’s key to ensure that the joints on the wall coverings do not leak and damage to the fabric of the building. This is especially important if it is located above the ground floor.

  • Tiling – Watertight and durable, tiles can protect walls around the bath, shower and behind the sink. It’s important to choose wisely as condensation and water splashes will rule out some materials.
  • Shower Panels – These panels slot together and become waterproof once you fill them with sealant. You can fix these to existing plastered walls, existing tiling or timber. Shower panels tend to be cheaper and easier to install than tiling.
  • Paint – If you intend to paint the walls, be sure to use the right kind of paint. Choose a paint with a waterproof coating to ward off water damage. It’s also advisable to opt for a gloss finish over a matt finish as these are more durable and easier to clean.


What Is the Cost of Converting A Bedroom to A Bathroom?

If you are interested in learning more about how to convert a bedroom into a bathroom, then you should get in touch with our team by phone or email today. We would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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